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Interactive Contact Form ZUP!


Concept, Design and Programming of a Landingpage to acquire print product customers.



In order to reach people who are looking for simple print product creation, I created a landing page according to the ZUP! corporate design.

It was important to quikly establish a personal bond and make contact to the potential customer.

To achieve this, I decided to turn the classic form into an interactive chat. That "chat" guides the user through a series of questions as in a personal conversation.

The responsible person at ZUP! will then get the answers to these questions sent by mail.

In the same way, the visitor receives a confirmation email immediately after his last reply.

Confirmation E-Mail

In order to concentrate on the important questions and not waste the valuable time of our visitors, I decided not to ask about the gender. Instead, I managed to integrate an algorithm that decides based on the name whether to use a female or a male title.


I work as a freelancer.

Do not hestitate to contact me.