since everything is on demand, people are spending more time at home.

with increasing addiction to social media, people are focusing more on their digital lifestyle than on their real life.

because of increasing work hours the time spent with friends and family suffers.

the problem:

people become

our exhibition
the social solution

We want to counteract this behaviour for a more open society.

Therefore our team designed an interactive exhibition which encourages the visitors social behaviour.

This livechanging task is achieved by letting the people practice human interactions with everyday objects.

and this is how it works...

prepare yourself for a life changing experience.

the touch of your love will create magical things.

listen and feel the sound going through your whole body.

interact with our exhibition in the way you are missing it in everyday life.

experience an immersive feeling of closeness and realize the effect of one simple hug.

the color of love will take up the hole room.

start now and exercise with our exhibits to achive total social interaction perfection.