our first prototype for the social solution



We wanted to take a stance in times of a more and more isolated society.

Starting Point.

In our researches we came across a commercial video made by Velux, called indoor generation. The company has presented an easy solution in a complicated and unrealistic way.

Our Twist.

Transferring their idea to our exhibition, we’re selling our experiment as the one and only solution for our problem. This exaggerated presentation should make the visitors reflect themselves.

In our own words:

„We all have problems with social interactions and you can only solve this by visiting our exhibition“

structure & function

The hugy hugy is representing one of our exhibition pieces. He is representing a pillar which responds to human hugs.

the things we used to build our prototype


The waste pipe is the main element of the hugy hugy. It contains two touch sensors and is covered with a five meters LED-Strip and multiple layers of bubble wrap. Inside the pipe we placed a bluetooth speaker.

the circuit diagram for our prototype


The touch sensors are connected in a row with a Makey Makey which is recognizing if the user is interacting with the hugy hugy and a arduino which is connected with the LED-Strip.


The Arduino and the Makey Makey are connected with a notebook. Thanks to some programming skills, these allows us to change the visual appearance of our light illumination if the user is interacting with the hugy hugy. These includes the colors of the LED-Strip and the visuals on the walls.