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What if you could hear the nature of your surroundings?

On the way to work or simply when walking, TRACK_48N10E allows listeners to perceive their surroundings in a new way.

Concept and development of a web-application to sonify your surroundings in real-time.



12.09.2020 ARS ElectronicaLive Performance

11.09.2020 Bayerischer Rundfunk

10.09.2020 New Realities: XR Podcast

20.07.2020 Sichtraum


TRACK_48N10E is a location-based, real-time application, mapping your surroundings to a virtual synthesizer. The mobile, web-based reality extension enables users to perceive their sonified environment while strolling.

TRACK_48N10E in use

The soundscape is dynamically generated by urban and rural features of site-specific map data and changes with every single step.

Variety of data points on one map

TRACK_48N10E encourages the exploration of known and unknown places with your ears. Two places never look and therefore never sound the same. Each step immerses you further into a unique extended reality.

Screen designs mobile app


I work as a freelancer.

Do not hestitate to contact me.